Access Guide

  • Click 'WRITE A REVIEW' button at the bottom of product detail. After following the given guideline, you are able to see your review in 2~3 working days after moderation by BANILA CO
  • Except official BANILA CO website, you are able to purchase products on Amazon US. Besides these two official channel running by Sephora, you can shop BANILA CO products at our partners' official online channels. US Soko Glam: https://sokoglam.com/ Riley Rose: https://www.rileyrose.com/us/shop Hongkong SaSa: http://hongkong.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/sasa/home.jsp Taiwan https://www.banilaco.com.tw/ Philippines https://www.banilaco.ph/
  • Please register your inquiry besides FAQ on Customer Service>Contact US
  • Use a searchbox located in the upper right corner of the website to find the exact product you need or browse through the results that fit your criteria.
  • You are able to change your country setting at the top of right side on PC, and within the side bar on top of the left side on mobile.

Product FAQ

  • You are able to validate it via BANILA CO activation label. There are two methods to validate the product. Contact the sticker on a product package with a magnet. Check the activation by its color change. Or use QR code on the sticker to confirm the product validation. For more information and video description, please refer to Clean It Zero Product detail page.
  • Do not expose to heat or direct sunlight or sudden temperate change. Due to its sudden temperate and humid change, bath rooms are not suitable to storage products.
  • Retailers differs in countries. Please check on STORE menu to find the retailer nearest you.
  • By clicking "How to use" tab located in the right corner of product detail, you are able to check the directions. If you still require more in detail, please use one-to-one assistance.
  • BANILA CO does not off free samples. Only for customers who purchased BANILA CO products can receive samples. (Types of sample and the given quantity differs at time.)
  • To view the ingredients of any product, just click "Ingredients" located in product detail.
  • If the product is completely sealed, the expiry date is up to 3 years. After opening, use it within 6 to 12 months. The expiry date can differ in product. Please check it at retailer or written information on a packaging. Do not sotre at high temperatures or expose to direct sunlight.


  • You are able to check it by clicking STORE menu at the footer located in the bottom of the website.